baa5 [bàá] vb. part.
(usually with vbs. such as rhie, mu, viọ, etc.) to add to:
rhie ọna baa ọni“take this to add to that; i.e. add this to that”
daa [dàá] vb. part.
mu aro daa mwẹn“turn (your) face toward me.”
fua1 [fùá] vbl. part
(usually occurs with vbs such as rhie, mu, fi, de, etc.) and indicates that the relevant object/ subject of the main verb is thrown away, or out:
ọ de fua“It fell out”
: it dropped.
gu2 [gú] vbl part
cf. gi.
kua [kùá] xbl. part
out; away; off:
Amẹ tue kua vbe akhe: “water poured out of the pot”
Alimoi kharha kua vbe ekpanaku “Oranges dropped off from the plate.”
(cf. fua).