Thomas' dictionary

The dictionary forms part of the second volume of Thomas, Northcote W. - Anthropological Reports on the Edo-speaking Peoples of Nigeria (1910). This work can be downloaded from The dictionary pages can be downloaded here.

The digitized version has been arbitrarily cut into 9 equal pieces to reduce loading time. Not all browsers will display the UTF-8 characters correctly (cfr. remarks for Melzian's dictionary). The original is retained in the digitized version for verification purposes. Other formats will be added later.

A - Egisugu
Ebo - Erhue
Erhuvie - Ige
Ige - Iluoli
Imagie - Ivierha
Iviewioi - Oxiuxi
Oxo - Olokomeho
Olokun - Rhili
Rhiokato - Zolobo

Last update: 03-02-2019