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The work entailed in the collection of material for this Dictionary was
carried out under a scheme of research into African linguistics in-
augurated when the Rockefeller Foundation made a benefaction to
the School of Oriental studies, University of London, in 1932. To
the Rockefeller Foundation and to the Governing Body of the School
I wish to tender my sincere thanks for the opportunity of carrying
out this research work in the field and for the grant set aside for its
publication. A grant for a second tour in Nigeria to continue work on
the Bini language, given by the International Institute of African
Languages aud Cultures in the autumn of 1935, enabled me to revise
the first proofs of the Dictionary with my main informant: I wish to
express my thanks to the Institute for this valuable opportunity of
verifying the work done in the first tour.

    In Nigeria I received assistance in many directions, and although it
is impossible to name all who helped me, I am glad to make grateful
acknowledgement for this assistance here. Special thanks are due to
the Government of Nigeria and to the Education Department in
particular for accommodation and transport and for the general
arrangements of my tours; and to the following people for particular
services in connection with this Dictionary:

    R. F. G. Adams, Esq., Education Department, for a copy of
Mr Butcher’s Bini Dictionary in the new script.

    H. L. M. Butcher, Esq., The Secretariat, Southern Provinces, Nigeria,
for the copy of his Bini Dictionary and permission to use it.

    W. A. Fairbairn, Esq., Forestry Department (author of Common
Birds of West Africa) for the Bini names of birds with their correct
English equivalents and for some of the names of animals.

    Dr W. Hunter, M.O. Benin City, who went through the Bini names
of diseases and identified them.

    Rev. W. J. Payne, C.M.S. Benin, who introduced me to my two
informants Edegbe and Egharevba.

    R. Macrae Simpson, Esq., M.B.E., for valuable suggestions about the
social structure and political organisation of the State of Benin. He
also allowed me to see a copy of his draft report on these subjects.

    R. A. Sykes, Esq., Forestry Department, for the Bini and Latin
names of trees (F.D. Lists).

    My African informants are named and described in the Introduction
(p. viii, ix) and I should like to express my thanks to them here.