Jehovah’s Witnesses

The english website of Jehova's Witnesses (Jehovah's Witnesses) has been partly translated into Ẹdo (Avbe Osẹe Jehova). Most of the Ẹdo website consists of web versions of JW publications most of which can be downloaded in pdf or epub format. There are currently 66 publications of varying size totaling more than 1200 pages (pdf format, images included).

The publications have been grouped into four categories (click on the images to go to the corresponding webpage):

Magazines - Avbe Ebe Iyẹn

The monthly magazine The Watchtower from 2017-06 to 2018-03. There are 10 issues each 32 pages long.

Books & Brochures - Avbe Ebe Ẹmu Kevbe Ebe Ughughan

Two books and 20 brochures about diverse topics and of varying length.

In a few cases (ol, inv, mb, t-34) there is no bilingual page because the Ẹdo webpage for the publication does not exist. Also, for co-copgm18, t-31 and t-34 there is no epub version.

Some of these publications have a audio version. You can download the mp3 file for the whole publication. You can also select a section of the publication. At the top the page an audio bar should appear (depending on the browser). You can then listen to the spoken text while reading the written text or download the mp3 file for this section.

Meeting Workbooks - Ebe Iwinna Na Loo Vbe Ne Iko​

The monthly publication Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook from 2016-01 to 2018-03. There are 27 issues each 8 pages long.

The monthly publication References for Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook from 2018-01 to 2018-03. There are 3 issues each 8 pages long (no images).

Kingdom Ministry - Our Kingdom Ministry

The monthly publication Our Kingom Ministry from 2015-09 to 2015-12. There are 4 issues each 4 pages long (no images). This publication has no web version, only pdf and epub.

Last update: 27-02-2018