(2 Ọba 23:13)
(2 Ki. 23:13)
E Josaia kevbe rhia rua ighẹ avbe Ogiukpo ne Sọlomọn mannọẹn ye odẹ ahọ e Jerusalẹm, vbe odẹ ekẹn oke oliv, evba iran na te gho avbe ẹbọ ni zughu ọmwa ẹko nii hia, avbe Astat ne ẹbọ ne okhuo e Saidọn, e Kemọs ne ẹbọ e Moab deba Milkọm ẹbọ Amọn.
And the king made unfit for worship the high places in front of Jerusalem that were to the south* of the Mount of Ruination,* which Solʹo·mon the king of Israel had built to Ashʹto·reth the disgusting goddess of the Si·doʹni·ans; and to Cheʹmosh the disgusting god of Moʹab; and to Milʹcom the detestable god of the Amʹmon·ites.

Lit., “right.” That is, south, when one faces east.

That is, the Mount of Olives, particularly the southern extremity also known as the Mount of Offense.