Library Catalogue of Ẹdo Books

Ẹdo Language and Literature

Anon. - Bini Katikizim (cover)
Adodoh, Irefo Okoh Otanlen - Idoduwa (cover)
Agheyisi - An Ẹdo-English Dictionary (cover, lccn)
Ahia, Enabulele - Ebe Iruẹmwin Ẹdo Ne Ogieha/Edo Language Text Book 3: For Schools and the Public (cover)
Ahia, Enabulele - Ebe Iruẹmwin Ẹdo Ne Ogieva/Edo Language Text Book 2: For Schools and the Public (cover)
Airhienbuwa, E.E. - Ebe Edo Ne Evbu-Ahirre NOGIEHA (cover)
Airhienbuwa, E.E. - Ebe Edo Ne Evbu-Ahirre NOGIEVA (cover)
Airhienbuwa, E.E. - Ebe Edo Ne Evbu-Ahirre NOKARO (cover)
Akpakpa, Idọ - GIE A ZẸ EDO 2. EVBIRẸNRẸN (cover)
Amayo, M. Airen 1976 - A generative phonology of Ẹdo (Bini). PhD thesis, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (cover)
Ẹbọhọn, Ọsẹmwegie - Agbọn-izẹlọghọmwan Kevbẹ Ehẹngbuda (cover)
Ebohon, Osemwegie - Eguae Oba/Benin Oba's Palace (cover)
Edeburu, D.U. - EKUASE N'OVBINE (cover)
Edeburu, D.U. - EKUASE N'OVBINE (cover)
Edionwe, Onions A. - Aisiokuoba (cover)
Eguavon, S.I. - Ebe Edo (1) in Weekly Schemes (cover)
Elubge, - Comparative Edoid: Phonology and Lexicon (cover)
Elugbe, Ben Ohiọmamhẹ. 1989b. Comparative Edoid: phonology and lexicon. Delta Series No. 6. Port Harcourt: University of Port Harcourt Press. - (from Wikipedia) (cover)
Erhahon, Ivie - Ẹdo proverbs and figures of speech (cover, lccn)
Eriare, Ebhuhre Họ (?) - Otatha (cover)
Ẹro, Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwẹgie - Ekharha Ẹdo (Poems in Edo) (cover)
Ẹro, Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwẹgie - Enovẹli Izẹlogha (cover)
Ẹro, Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwẹgie - Meọkpaọghare (Drama in Edo). For Schools and Colleges (cover)
Guọbadia, A. Owẹnazẹ Izẹvbigie - Iruẹmwin-Ẹdo (Benin Studies) Second Edition (cover)
Igodan, E.O. - Egui Nẹi Fo Vbe Okha I. (cover)
Igodan, E.O. - Ọruọmwan Ru Egbẹre (cover)
Igodan, E.O. - Vbe Na Gha Gbaroghe Owa He (cover)
Igodan, Ogueva - Okha Oghe Edo Vbobo (cover)
Ọbazẹe, Gabriel O. (ed.) - Asikoko Ekharha Ọghe Ẹdo (A Collection of Edo Poems) (cover)
Odaro, Irene Ododo - The Endangerment of Our Indigenous Languages: A Quest for Revival. (cover)
Ogie, Evbinma - ẸDO: Ebe Ogie eva (cover)
Ogie, Evbinma - EDO: Ebe Okaro (cover)
Ogie, Evbinma - Kokoye (cover)
Ọmọregie, Ọsarẹn S. B. - Ẹdo grammar for schools and colleges (cover, lccn)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - Ọzẹdo 2 (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - The Trials of Ogiso Owodo. A Play (cover)
Ọsẹmwegie, Ikpọnmwosa - Ẹsekhọ (cover)
Uwaifo, Jesuọrọo; Osẹmwegie, Ikpọnmwosa; Amayo, Airẹn - Ununọzẹdo: Ebe Ogieva (1) (cover)
Uwaifo, Jesuọrọo; Osẹmwegie, Ikpọnmwosa; Amayo, Airẹn - Ununọzẹdo: Ebe Ogieva (2) (cover)
Uwaifo, Omo - Echoes of a Restive Empire: a collection of three short stories in English and Edo (cover, lccn)
Uwa-Igbinọba, Ivie B.E. - Aspects of Ẹdo Greetings: Uniqueness and Significance (cover)

Ẹdo Culture, History and Society

Aimiuwu, Chief LEA - EDONIMOSE (1) (cover)
Aimiuwu, Chief LEA - EDONIMOSE (2) (cover)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - A History of Benin : Ẹlegbe Prince of Benin and the Orhionmwon Territories (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Aisien, Son of Erhunmwunsẹe and the British (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Aisien, Son of Erhunmwunsẹe and the British. The 1897 War (1) (cover)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Benin City. The Edo State Capital (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Christianity and Benin City (cover)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Christianity and Edo State (cover)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Ewuare, The Oba of Benin (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Iwu: The Body Markings of the Edo People (1) (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - Iwu: The Body Markings of the Edo People (2) (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - The Benin City Pilgrimage Stations (cover, lccn)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - The Benin Traditional Marriage Ceremony: The Order of Observance (cover)
Aisien, Ekhuaguosa - The Edo Man of the 20th Century (cover)
Åke Norborg - The Musical Instruments of the Edo-speaking People of South-Western Nigeria (cover)
Ayeni (?) - Festivals of Bendel State Nigeria (cover)
Ayomike, J.O.S. - Benin and Warri: Meeting Points in History. The Etsekiri Perspective (cover)
Boisragon, Alain - The Benin Massacre (cover)
Bondarenko, D.M., & Roese, P.M. - «Benin Prehistory: The Origin and Settling Down of the Edo», Anthropos. 94 (1999): 542-552. (cover)
Bondarenko, Dmitri - Бондаренко, Д.М. - Бенин накануне первых контактов с европейцами: Человек. Общество. Власть. М., 1995. (cover)
Bondarenko, Dmitri - Бондаренко, Д.М. - Доимперский Бенин (cover)
Bradbury, R.E. - Benin Studies (cover, lccn)
Bradbury, R.E. - The Benin kingdom and the Edo-speaking peoples of south-western Nigeria (cover, lccn)
Committee of Friends - Aiko Rocks at Sixty (cover)
Ebohon, High Priest Osemwegie - Omorariagbon. A Deity in the Setting Sun (cover)
Ebohon, Osemwegie - Olokun Worship in Benin Kingdom (cover)
Ebohon, Osemwegie - The Role and Responsibility of the High Priest in the Nigerian Society (cover)
Edebiri - Moon Light at Noon (cover)
Egharevba, Jacob U. - A Short History of Benin (cover, lccn)
Egharevba, Jacob U. - Bini People (cover)
Egharevba, Jacob U. - Bini Titles (cover)
Egharevba, Jacob U. - The Ake of ISI (cover)
Ekeh, Peter P. - Ogiso Times and Eweka Times: A Preliminary History of the Edoid Complex of Cultures, Institute for Benin Studies Monograph Series 3 (cover)
Ekpu, Patrick E. (Archbishop of Benin City) - Guidelines for Christian Burial in the Archdiocese of Benin City (cover)
Ero, Osayomwanbo Osemwegie - A History of Ero Family and the Seven Kingmakers of Benin Kingdom 1200-2008 A.D. (cover)
Ero, Osayomwanbo Osemwegie (?) - The History of Benin. Ogiso Dynasties 40BC-1200AD (cover)
Eweka, Ena (?) - The Benin Monarchy (Origin and Development) (cover)
Eweka, Prince E.W. - Evaluation of Benin City Chieftancy Titles (cover)
Higgins, James - Kindling the Fire (cover)
Igbafe, Philip Aigbona - Benin under British Administration: The Impact of Colonial Rule on an African Kingdom, 1897-1938 (cover, lccn)
Igbe, Sam O.U. - Realities of Nigerian Education (cover)
Igbinovia, Patrick Edobor - The Future of the Benins in Nigeria: Looking Backwards & Looking Forwards (cover)
Imoagene, Oshomha - The Edo and their Neighbours of M. Western Nigeria (cover)
Obo (?), W (?) - The Benin-Ife Controversy: Clash of Myths of Origins (cover)
Ogbomwan, Rev. Fr. Festus 'Nosa - Early Missionary Activities in Benin City (cover)
Ogie, Evinma - Edo Culture (cover)
Okpewho, Isidore - Once Upon a Kingdom. Myth, Hegemony and Identity (cover)
Omoigui, Nowamagbe A. - Benin and the Midwest Referendum (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - 1. The age of Iso Norho (850 BC-600 AD) (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - 2. The age of Odionwere (600-900 AD) (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - 3. The age of Ogiso foundation (900-1050 AD) - (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - 4. The age of Ogiso reform (1050-1130 AD) (cover)
Ọmọregie, Osarẹn S.B. - 5. The age of Ikladerhan (1130-1200 AD) (cover, lccn)
Omoruyi, Aghama - Benin Anthology (cover, lccn)
Omoruyi, Aghama - Benin Series. A New Dimension in Benin Studies. Nigerian Review of Art, Culture & History. Vol. 1 No. 3 (cover, lccn)
Omozusi, M.O. - The Benin Kingdom a Century after British Invasion. Oba N'Ovonranmwen N'Ogbaisi Benin 1888-1914 (cover)
Oronsaye, D.N. - The history of ancient Benin Kingdom and Empire (cover, lccn)
Osadolor, Osarhieme Benson - The Military System of Benin Kingdom 1440-1897 (cover)
Owie, S.P. - History and Culture of Ugo N'Iyekikpoba of Benin Kingdom: The Royal Palace Ugoneki (cover)
Philip Koslow - Benin: Lords of the River (1) (cover)
Philip Koslow - Benin: Lords of the River (2) (cover)
Salami, Irene Isoken - The Queen Sisters (Ubi and Ewere) (1) (cover)
Salami, Irene Isoken - The Queen Sisters (Ubi and Ewere) (2) (cover)
Tong, Raymond - Figures in Ebony: Past and Present in a West African City. (cover, lccn)
Uhunmwagho, Helen Nohuwa - Ewu Iwu Ikhuo: A Clothing of National Identity of the Benin Woman (cover)
Umodiagbon, I.O. - The Origin of Benin People and its Dynasty (A Defensive Historical Polemics) (cover)
Usenbor, Rev. Fr. Msgr. Patrick - Ilele Misa (cover)
Usuanlele, Uyilawa - Colonialism and the Environment: The Deforestation of the Rain Forest of Benin and Ishan Divisions 1 (?) (cover, lccn)
Usuanlele, Uyilawa - State and Class in Benin Division 1897-1959: A History of Colonial Domination and Class Formation, September 1988 (cover)
Uwaifo, Omo - One Kingdom Monarch (cover)
Uwa-Odeh, Jolly - Ogiolose. "A Paragon of Beauty" (A Play). An Epic Tragedy of Benin (cover)
X - (?) (cover)
X - Benin Traditional Laws on Inheritance and Contract (cover)
X - BNH-058 (cover)
X - Ebohon and His Centre. A Life (cover)
X - Ewuare The Great (cover)
X - (?) facts about Great Benin (cover)
X - Fragments of Benin History (cover)
X - Programme: The Coronation of His Royal Highness ? ? A. Akenzua as the 38th Oba of Benin, March 1979 (cover)
X - The Church of Benin City (cover)
X - The Literary Contributions of ? Edo Poets to the ? of Edo Language Study (cover)
X - The Okhuaihe of Ikhuen (cover)
X - Tribus: Extent of the Benin Empire (cover)

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