panpanpan [pã́pã́pã́] adv.
describes a quality of noise, such as the blast of an automobile horn:
Ọ gha tu panpanpan“He is crying, making a flat and loud noise.”
pàpá [pàpá] vb.
1. to stroke gently with the palm of the hand, or any flat object.;
2. to attach (something) to a flat surface:
ọ papa ebe nii mu ẹkhu“He attached that sheet of paper to the door.”
papaapa [pàpààpà] adj.; adv.
describes something flat and wide:
Ọ ru aro papaapa“He has a face that is flat and wide.”
parha [pařa] adv.; adj.
describes an object that’s broad and flat, such as a tray, a human head that’s big and flat at the top:
Ọ ru uhunmwun parha“He has a head that’s big and flat.”
pepepe [pépèpé] adv.
describes a general friskiness or liveliness:
Ọ gha dan khian pepepe“He is hopping friskily along.”
pẹpẹ [pɛ̀pɛ́] vb.
1. to lure; entice:
Ọ pẹpẹ ọre fi osa“She lured him into debt.”
2. to pet; to pamper.
pẹrẹrẹ [pɛ̀ɽɛ̀ɽɛ̀] adv.
describes the gliding motion of a bird in flight:
Ọ tin fua pẹrẹrẹ“It flew away in a glide.”
pẹrhẹ [pɛ̀řɛ̀] adj.; adv.
describes a flat surface that is also low, such as a stool, or the top of a low tree stump.
pianranran [pyã́ɽ̃ã́]^ adj.
describes something that is thin and long, or extended (e.g. like a cane).
piẹn [pĩ̀ɛ̃́] vb.
1. to press against;
2. to push forcibly into a limited space or against a hard surface:
Ọ piẹn ọnren mu egbekẹn“He pressed her against the wall.”
piẹnpiẹn [pỹɛ̃̀pỹɛ̃́] vb.
1. same as piẹn;
2. (of space) to be too tight.
piẹnrhẹn [pỹɛ̃̀řɛ̃́] vb.
to become smashed; (of ripe fruit or vegetable) to be smashed; to decompose.
piọrhọ [pyɔ̀řɔ́] vb.
same as piẹnrhẹn.
piọrhọpiọrhọ [pyɔ̀řɔ̀pyɔ̀řɔ̀] adv.; adj.
describes something that is soft and messy, such as over-ripe or rotten fruit.
pirhi [pìří] vb.
1. to blur, or smear:
Ọ pirhi ehia kugbe“He smeared all together.”
2. to be or become blurred, or smeared ―
Emwin hia ne i gbẹn pirhi vbe aro mwẹn“Everything I wrote became blurred in my eyes.”
pirhipirhi [pìřìpìřì] adv.; adj.
unclear; blurred; confused:
Ehia ye pirhipirhi“They all seem confused and indistinct.”
pupupu [pùpùpù] adv.
describes the fluttering of a large bird in a short distance flight:
Ọ gha gbe ifuẹn pupupu“It is fluttering its wings.”